Another Step

ImageI wonder how many steps we take in our lives. How many steps to school, to work, to church. How many steps do we take in a day? Just recently some of us helped at a craft weekend. My job was to show the ladies to their accommodation, just across the courtyard from where they registered. Some ladies were like my mum, mature and just needing a little help with luggage. After helping a few by going with them to the car park, collecting the luggage from their cars and then walking back to the accommodation block, some of us thought we might need a pedometer. We had walked many steps in the invigorating Toowoomba air.

Thinking about our Christian steps. First we begin with baby steps, hesitating, scared to fall, needing help. And then we find the next stage, new challenges, further steps that test us. And we find we continue to need help, we cant do it on our own. We need the help of fellow travellers to encourage and guide us back to the Father. Sometimes we are the ones who help others, but in all, God made us to need each other and to need Him.

Well, we are taking another step in our missionary life. We began in PNG as singles, married, then worked there for another 5 years. Now we are returning to mission life, this time in Vanuatu. A bit similar and a bit different. We are looking forward to what God will teach us in this stage of our journey with Him.

This week, Andrew goes on another workparty. This is another step in our preparation to go. He will be helping complete building, help with maintenance, but I have a sneaking suspicion he will be asking lots of questions. It’s all part of preparing to take the next step.

So as you and I go on in our journey with God, may we too step forward fully trusting our loving Heavenly Father, for He knows our needs and is good in all He does. May we take time to gaze at His face and delight in His Word,




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